High Tech Quality Commercial External/Exterior Wall System

One AAC Building Solutions Pty Ltd is offering the building industry with the best autoclaved aerated concrete high-rise facades Commercial External/Exterior Wall System. Solutions provided by One AAC offer benefits like solid and as durable as masonry yet lightweight, living in a comfortable environment, high fire resistance adds to the security, sound acoustic qualities, design flexibility and aesthetic appeal, reduce your building cost, and speed of construction. In our Exterior Wall System, in combination with the correct coating solution and coating partners, the One AAC panel system is one of the most attractive and robust cladding systems on the market today.

Systems that we manufacture and supply is best suited for all sorts of residential and commercial building projects. High rises & external wall system by One AAC not only provide an attractive modern exterior which may be completed in various finishes and colors, but it also has some great features, unlike other external exterior wall system suppliers.

We are located in unit 1/1-2 Bushells Place, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164 Australia where we have assisted many residential and commercial projects with our quality external wall system. We keep our prices affordable so that projects with a tight budget can employ our quality products to achieve the desired result within their budget. We have been a part of this industry for many years and we understand the different requirement of different projects.

Being a market leader in Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) solutions for residential and commercial construction we expand our expertise to greater areas in this building industry with our services like internal inter-tenancy / party wall systems– low rise and high rise,exterior rendered wall systems both in low rise and high rise, boundary walls – single and dual wall options, floor and ceiling systems, fence systems – boundary and estate fencing solutions, etc. We offer advanced technology based building solutions at best price.

To get further details on high tech quality external exterior wall system services by One AAC Building Solutions Pty Ltd, Call at 1300 010 222 or you can send us your request via email at