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ONE AAC Panel – Benefits

The ONE AAC Panel Systems provide lightweight, durable, fire, acoustic, and thermally rated wall and floor system solutions, that are perfectly suited to both residential and commercial applications.

The ONE AAC Panel Systems comprise, steel reinforced panels manufactured from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). AAC is a lightweight masonry material that is a trusted building material; it has been used in the building industry for several decades in Europe and for the last few decades in Australia and New Zealand.

As an External Wall System, in combination with the correct coating solution and coating partners, the ONE AAC Panel system is one of the most attractive and robust cladding systems on the market today.

Solid and as durable as masonry yet lightweight.

ONE AAC Panels pass the ‘knock test’ by consumers because they are a masonry product. Further to that, ONE AAC panels are steel reinforced with corrosion protected steel adding to greater strength and security. The lightweight panels make it an easy product to install.

Living in a comfortable environment

The ONE AAC Panel System is able to achieve very good R-Values as a result of the combination of Thermal Mass and Thermal Resistance. The R-Value can be related to the comfort levels within a dwelling. The ONE AAC Panel System easily achieves the Thermal requirements as set out in the BCA

High fire resistance adds to the security.

AAC Material is known for its high fire resistance. It will not combust in the event of fire and will not omit toxic gases. The ONE AAC Panel Systems provide an FRL of 120/120/120. The ONE AAC Panel System also complies with all six (Bush Fire Attack Level Categories (BAL) for external cladding.

Sound acoustic qualities.

The ONE AAC Panel System provides acoustic performance levels equivalent to other masonry products that are twice as thick. Although the acoustic performance of residential external walls is not a requirement of the BCA, it is reassuring to know that acoustic performance is achieved when you use the ONE AAC Panel System.

Design flexibility and aesthetic appeal

ONE AAC provides building designers the flexibility of utilising a masonry product in areas previously restricted to non-masonry products. ONE AAC allows designers and consumers the ability to create that inspirational and contemporary look, with a large range of finishes and colours provided by our coating partners. With ONE AAC the only limitation to your design is your imagination.

Reduce your Building Cost.

The ONE AAC cladding system is simple and flexible insofar as it only requires semi-skilled trades and allows you the choice to self-install using existing lower costs trades or have it supplied and installed by approved installers. Either way this saves you time and money compared to traditional masonry.

Speed of Construction

ONE AAC panels are able to be installed with less labour than traditional masonry. The speed of construction reaches key stages quickly. ONE AAC means a safe and clean worksite with less clean-up at the completion of the project.

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